Cover Head, Ears, Neck and Face!

When it's really cold outside, we start the hat in this position.

As we warm up, other options are available. The versatility of this one garment is amazing!

A Cozy Hood

Pull the face mask down and you are now wrapped in a cozy hood.

The wind won't get through this hood and if rain or snow is coming down, your head will stay dry!

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Simple Conversion!


The face mask is made from a single layer, breathable fleece.

Say goodbye to chapped lips and a red face from cold weather and strong winds.

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Get a Combo Pack!

Stay Cozy with this great 'Best Winter Hat' Combo Pack!
Each Pack contains...

  • 1 - 7 in 1 Hood
  • 1 - pair of Glomitts
  • 1 - pair of Cozy Fleece Socks.

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Watch Bruce show us how
the 7 in 1 hat works.

Watch Bruce do the
Water-Proof test!

Another Demonstration
for you to see.